Megapolis City Builder Mega Structure For Android

Already available for a long time on Facebook, Megapolis is installed on smartphones and tablets to please all lovers of city-builder.

If we wait a true episode of SimCity on iOS and Android, others take advantage of this absence to settle comfortably. And Megapolis is precisely why since you to create your own city with residential, commercial, industrial, but also other types of structures, and even a beautiful landscape. There are hundreds of possibilities to design your city, but unfortunately the freemium component really sets limits on what players can do without in-app purchases. The main objective is to extend the city infrastructure development, the management of the economy, and the increase in population. After a brief tutorial, players can quickly start spending money in houses, factories and shops.

 You begin the game with a large sum of money, but you should also think about win through taxes and contract awards. There is also a premium currency, megabucks, which are much more difficult to win, and which are also linked to iApps. It allows you to quickly finish the construction of a building. This difficulty in obtaining an essential currency for your advanced and which causes the game down. The gameplay also leaves to be desired. The players seem to be locked in a list of tasks dictated in advance to reach the next level. In addition, some items are available only after reaching a certain level. These aspects of the gameplay thus remove more freedom to the player they create. The graphic quality is not at the rendezvous, when you zoom on the urban landscape, the structures become grainy or pixelated, and you can not rotate the screen to view the city from different angles.

 Apart from these truly unfortunate negatives, there are some unique features that appeal. For example, if a specific structure must be purchased with megabucks, but you still a little difficult to collect, you can ask a friend to offer it. Buildings can be placed wherever you want, even after they have been completely built. You can rethink your city without demolishing it and thus build more even crazier structures.