Google Play Gift cards and Their Usage Explained Briefly

Fund your Google Play balance with just a Google Play gift card, a prepaid gift card that you can redeem on your Google account.
After payment with PayPal and Others, Mister Cash or Bitcoin, a Google Play code appears on your screen. You can redeem this code directly into your Google account. Thus, you have credited your Google Play balance in minutes without having to use a credit card!

What is a Google Play Card?

Google Play Card is a prepaid gift card that you can get in different stores. There are Google Play cards 15$,¬, 25$,¬ and 50$,¬. Replace the code of your Google Play card on your account to credit your balance.
Use your Google Play balance to purchase Apps, Games, Music and much more in the Google Play Store!

Print Google Play gift code on a paper background

Want to make someone happy with a nice gift? We have the solution: let us print your free Google Play gift codes on a paper background!
You have the choice of different patterns of gift paper. That way you will have the right gift for all occasions. Personalize your Google Play card with a message of your choice.

How can I exchange the Google Play code?

To redeem a code Google Play, you need a Google Play account. Use our collection page, the link automatically To exchange or swap the Google Play code by hand:
• Go to the Google Play Store.
• Choose left on the menu to Exchange.
• Insert the Google Play code and select Continue.
You can find more information on the collection of a Google Play Google map in our manual.
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Google Play prepaid card for the Play Store can be used to purchase and download Android applications. Same principle for Windows Phone gift cards, Google Play, enjoy your content on both the web and your Android phone or tablet today Use your balance to buy millions of books, songs, movies, apps, games … the balance can be used to purchase, paid content in  applications for gems clash of clans.
♦ Google Play, offers:
• Dollar $ – US:
$ 10 2400 DA
$ 15: 3380 DA
$ 20: 4380 DA
$ 25: 5100 DA
$ 50: 9900 DA
• Euro € – EN:
€ 10: 2990 DA
€ 15 4280 DA
€ 20: 5680 DA
€ 50: Currently unavailable
♦ Windows Phone STORE $ – US:
$ 15: 2980 DA
$ 25: 4940 DA
$ 30: 5890 DA
$ 40 – $ 50: Currently unavailable
• Cards compatible with different countries and different currencies are also available.
– check here for how to redeem google play gift cards
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