A gamer’s guide for getting free PSN codes online

Xbox has its core of dedicated fans and Nintendo, of course, will always be a contender. But for the moment the Sony and PlayStation brands have never been better and, with the release of the PlayStation 4 just a few weeks away, the future has never looked brighter for Sony in the console gaming market.  With everything steamrolling ahead, if you own or are thinking of owning a Sony console, chances are you’ll want to get free PSN codes no survey.  How can you do it?  Here’s a quick guide.


First, just in case you’re fresh to the universe of online gaming—or maybe you’ve just decided to try your first Sony console,  then PSN codes are a set of alphanumerical digits which, when entered, will register as points or “PlayStation money,” if you will.  With these codes, you’ll be able to download, play and use new material.


There are several ways to get free PSN codes.  A good, overarching rule is to remember that PSN codes are, after all, an online phenomenon, and so the Internet is your friend in this sort of situation. Typing “Free PSN Codes 2017” into the search engine for Google, Yahoo, Bing and such will bring up a slew of options; finding sites promising and offering PSN codes isn’t the hard part.  What can be difficult is deciding what sites are valid, safe to use, and why.  For starters, you’ll see a lot of places ask that you fill out surveys before they give you a PSN code.
In today’s day and age, it’s tempting to think that this might be a scam—and it might well be, so always check these websites against one another on a good, reliable scam-reporting site such as consumercomplaint.com or Norton’s anti-spam program.  Even so, however, many of these sites are legitimate; simply put, these sites are offering you a service, and want to make a little money off it in the way of surveys and free advertising.
It doesn’t hurt you (or shouldn’t, again, check each site out with a good anti-span and anti-virus detection program). It benefits them, and you get what you want in the end, so this is your best play to get good, authentic PSN codes “for free”—or at least after a few minutes and surveys.
There are Facebook groups and YouTube sites also available which offer other methods, though surveys continue to be the most prevalent (again, they’re helping you, so it only makes sense that they’ll want to wet their beak a little, too.)With the launch of the PlayStation 4, chances are Sony will attempt to address some of these free PSN code methods; as such, those groups—particularly the Facebook one—remains a vital asset for staying up-to-date on the latest methods to get authentic PSN codes for free.
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