How to Start a Board Gaming Group

How to Start a Board Gaming Group

I like a few things more than board games, and I’ll bet you do, too, if you are reading this. If you are reading this, I am sure you enjoy board games as much as I do many people love to play from DP Boss. My friends have commonly used games as a means of social interaction in the past. I, however, look forward to learning about new mechanics, rules, and themes, so being less enthusiastic about games than my friends can be frustrating. Here’s How to Start a Board Gaming Group.

How to Start a Board Gaming Group
How to Start a Board Gaming Group

The good news is some people love board games just as much as I do, who are just outside my social circle. So I enjoy meeting up with these enthusiastic board gamers to scratch my gaming itch. I aim to share what I have found to work well and what problems I have encountered to enable you to find people who are as excited about that new deck builder as you are. These tips apply to anyone, no matter where they live, not just people who live in small towns.

1) Don’t try too hard

I created my first board gaming group at my place of work. My coworkers are generally geeky caliber; I work at a software company. This was excellent at first, but eventually it felt like corralling cattle to be slaughtered. These are players who are mildly interested in games but do not have the motivation to play them at the specified time.

My exhaustion made me decide to give up after a while. Stop pestering people to play games if you see yourself having to do so constantly! Your friends will get annoyed, and you will become tired. If you like playing board games, some people would love to play with you. Find them and start playing.

2) Look for passionate gamers.

If a suitable gaming group doesn’t already exist, you should look for one before starting from scratch. In addition to saving you time, this also ensures that your gaming community is not fragmented. To find out if an existing group exists, you should check several places.

Unlike other social media sites, Meetup connects people with similar interests in a fun, interactive way. You may want to start here.

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3) Go it alone 

The only alternative is to start your group if you couldn’t find one already existing. The cost is well worth it if you post the group on and join as an organizer. Afterward, you will want to mention the group on and anywhere else. It will come as a pleasant surprise when you find out how many gamers are waiting for this kind of group but are unsure of where to start.

If possible, you may wish to pick a public space that is not threatening, but your home will do just fine. Taking advantage of the cafe’s meeting space, my group arranged a deal with the restaurant. We put a meeting with the cafe’s meeting space, and our group agreed with him in exchange for the use of the meeting room free of charge. I would suggest that you inquire about similar arrangements with some local businesses.

4) Establish some rules upfront. 

There will be times when games will not get along, so setting a code of conduct can make sure everyone can follow the rules. It may sound excessive, but it will save you a lot of frustration when “that guy” joins your group. 

5) Consistency is key. 

It is best to make the Meetup a habit for players, so they keep coming back. You can try setting a recurring schedule that everyone can rely on, then keep playing games.


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