Clash Royale : Anti-Hog deck (Arena 6)

“Hold on! Hold on! “Not easy when one is facing a Rider hogs … The nightmare of many Royal Clash of players, aka Hog Rider Course meta wreaking havoc in its path. The earth trembles at his approach, the towers collapsed under his blows mercilessly, nothing seems to stop … But that time is over! Today, out of the bowels of Theorycraft, ready to do battle with the one we already called “the unity of evil,” the editorial Millenium offers Anti-Hog deck which allowed its creator to achieve 3330 trophies when he was level 8 (note that he had then never paid a dime on the game).

Deck type: control – Average Cost: 4.1

Objective: Attacking the opponent with the combo Giant / Balloon


Available from the arena 6, this deck is based on a combo Giant / Ball that you will seriously damage the enemy towers. It takes a bit of the original and somewhat renew your play. Read More at Badgamesinc


  • Excellent defense against hogs Rider
  • Huge damage to buildings
  • Original Combo


  • Sometimes requires the sacrifice of a tower
  • Difficult to play against some decks (especially against the Three Musketeers)
  • Removes all fun to play when the victory is won at the first push

Primary objective

The general strategy of this deck is very simple: you will need to initiate an attack on a line defenseless, even though your opponent has started an attack on the other line.
Your attacks are based on three cards: the Giant, the ball and the Arrows. The goal is to place your Giant on a line and forward it immediately by your ball. so be sure to prepare your Arrows to annihilate any enemy troop too low. The damage of such an attack on a tower will be devastating. Sometimes you will see that it is better to wait for your opponent puts a company before making your own attack, even if you are 10 essences. This is just a kind of clash royale hack that works in all conditions.
By following this strategy, you will leave two options to your opponent:
  •     arrow counter your attack, allowing you to counter his using few troops
  •     arrow support his attack, which ensures you to take a turn.
    In each of these two situations, you must use discretion to decide on what units launch your arrows.

Secondary objective

As it has been said, one of the main interests of the deck is its highly effective defense front Hog Rider. Given the current trend of Meta, this will be appreciated by many players. The technique is quite simple, it is the use of Tombstone that can distract the rider Hog long enough to kill it before it reaches your turn. In the right place, it will not even have time to inflict a single blow on your turn, and you will gain the advantage in terms of elixir.
Also, you can combine the tombstone with your Goblins to increase the effectiveness of your defense. The advantage of the tombstone is that when zapped too early Skeletons spawn, and when zapped too late, it leaves you time to ask Gobelins.

Latest tips:

  • This deck can also be adapted for lower arenas, the elixir Extractor is not absolutely necessary, nor is the Prophet. For example you can replace these cards with a Bombardier or a baby dragon for example.
  • There are many stories in this deck. In order to master most.