How Local Businesses in Mumbai are getting a boost in Online Sales through SEO

How Local Businesses in Mumbai are getting a boost in Online Sales through SEO

Having a website isn’t essential for small businesses, according to some. Buying power products is as simple as walking out to the store and buying them. Local stores do not have websites. Local businesses would have to pay for this. You Can Also Hire a SEO Expert for for your comapny, Like You can get by googling it. Ex, If you live in Mumbai you google ” SEO Company in Mumbai” get the Best SEO Comapny on Google SERP. Like I sugest ShoutRank. 

We can disprove any such argument with the success of our client. Today, this local battery store receives over 50% of its business through the internet. Unfortunately, their website does not yet offer e-commerce functionality.

How Local Businesses in Mumbai are getting a boost in Online Sales through SEO

Client’s Business Background

The local market for power products has become extremely competitive. The client’s margins have shrunk as profits are squeezed along the entire distribution chain- from distributors to retailers. Newspaper advertising no longer provides the returns it did at one point.

Our client recently switched from manufacturing to retailing, distributing major brands. Despite their new retail outlet, sales were slow.

OH! Through organic SEO, the digital team proposed creating an alternative source of sales online.

I will cover the following aspects of the case study in this post.

-Why do we propose SEO

-Summary of results

-Our approach towards SEO implementation

Why did we choose SEO as an online marketing strategy?

Within the local client base, many have recently begun searching for sellers online and accessing local listings. Before making a final purchase decision, they want to check product availability and pricing, so they don’t have to travel and find vendors in person.

The client chose SEO with the long-term goal of creating an alternative source of business leads. A paid search engine marketing campaign was also an option. Even though SEM was a better option for generating leads, it was expensive. Even though SEM was a better option for generating leads, it was expensive. SEM was a better option for generating leads, but it was expensive. SEO has a positive impact on organic traffic. Long-term SEO is a good strategy.

According to the results displayed by the search engines, the search query should contain geographically related keywords. Through local SEO, the brick and mortar client can be visible online precisely when a potential customer searches using the target location.

Summary of Results:

  • Clients generate more than 60% of their B2B business online. The number of B2B customers may be less than that of B2C customers, but the rupee value of the sale is higher.
  • The company reached more customers through the website than they could reach by simply walking into their store. 
  • They have received business inquiries from all over the country. 
  • Most of these leads come from products that aren’t available in the enquirer’s state or location.
  • Using the online profile has improved conversion rates.
  • In addition to in-store foot traffic, local B2C inquiries increased.

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Details of implementation

Improve conversion rate of business inquiries coming through existing channels

The first step of our marketing strategy for this client was to build a website.

It was only much later that we began marketing this site online. In addition, the client shared the website link in B2B proposals and on other marketing channels.


A professional-looking website had a significant impact on the client’s conversion rate. If you provide potential customers with a link to a professional-looking website, you can influence their decision significantly.

Improved visibility and increased traffic on the website take time, but the results are worth the effort.


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