How to rank any video using Youtube SEO ( Updated Method )

If you land on our website then definitely you want to know Youtube Seo works. Today in this article, I will provide you’re most influence ways to rank your videos on Youtube. So follow this Ultimate guide to understand the algorithms of youtube and strategies to rank your videos.

How to rank any video using Youtube SEO (Updated Method)

If you noticed read the longer videos are always trending on YouTube, and you should always try to create and publish long videos on your channel. As a YouTuber, you already know that the most influencing factor to rank your video on YouTube is your video watch time. The more your video people watch, the better it tends to rank that’s called audience retention which is an important ranking factor.

It is the usual thing that the better the watch time of your video, the better the audience retention. In a case study, it is found that YouTube wants to promote those videos which keep the audience on YouTube for a more extended period.

You have to give proof and preview of the things that you want to show on your video to grab the attention of the audience. Always try to provide these things in the starting 15 seconds.

There is no doubt that Google and YouTube are getting smarter nowadays. So don’t try to stuff keywords in your videos because this technique will not work anymore. YouTube always crawl your keyword only to understand what your video is all about. But always make sure to put your exact keyword in the title of your video preferably in the starting of the title.

Steps to Rank Video on Youtube

For example, I created a video that I wanted to rank for the keyword Social Media Strategies for small businesses, so I make sure to include my actual keyword Social Media Strategies for small businesses at the beginning of the title. This technique will help you to boost up your rank.

You have to create the most engaging thumbnails to attract users. Because the CTR of your videos always outranks your competitor. You can use long-tail keywords in the title of your video for better results. You have to take attention to the users’ queries and solving the needs of search.

Note: Thumbnail is actually one of the most important factors to increase CTR. So make your thumbnail using premium websites or apps like Canva, PicsArt and much more available on the internet.

My proven method of YouTube Seo and videos ranking is to increase the engagement of your video. Always ask the user to like your videos comment on it and especially subscription. This will increase engagement and YouTube will promote their videos on the top positions. To increase engagement, ask any question in the beginning or end of the video. Don’t say what you want to type in the comment section.

Research the keywords before publishing the video. Research on all the keywords that you want to rank on YouTube and place it on the title, descriptions and tags.

If this still looks difficult then you can hire Best SEO Consultant from MUMBAI for your SEO Services.

Final Words

So, friends, these are the techniques and methods of how Youtube Search Engine Optimisation works. If you like this article, then please share with your friends who are struggling to rank their videos on YouTube. If you have any query or suggestions related to this article then please ask in the comment section.

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